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Keith Keller
Interior Designer. Co-founder

Jennifer Leigh and Marc Filley

Hi, we are Jennifer and Marc, and we are the founders of 12 Warren.

The idea for building a luxury real estate company specializing in the design and construction of custom condominiums in Tribeca, New York all started back in 2015. 

We both met at a real estate roundtable, where we exchanged ideas on projects, design and finances. 

We quickly saw that we both have that keen eye for details and decided that we wanted to launch a big project together.

We pooler our decade of experience in the real estate and construction industry, and have now dedicated our expertise to our clients in Tribeca with the 12 Warren project. 

We are committed to creating a truly unique and beautiful real estate landscape in our lovely city of NY. 

Office: 500 5TH AVE, NY

Call: 718-912-6818

Mail us: estate@12warren.com

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