DDG has unveiled their new head turning 12 Warren, a throwback to and celebration of craftsmanship and masonry in Tribeca. DDG designed, developed, constructed and manages the building which features a locally sourced, hand-laid bluestone façade.
Bluestone was once commonly used for building but is now mostly confined to historic districts. It is known for its uneven stacking and raw beauty, which inspired DDG’s design team to intentionally use roughly-hewn stones, as opposed to those perfectly polished. To source the stone for 12 Warren, large amounts of bluestone were quarried in upstate New York, sculpted, and meticulously placed on the ground to create the final design for the building’s exterior, which was then vertically recreated on-site. DDG opted to incorporate the “push and pull” of the façade to echo the quarry and create its “carved from stone” appearance. 12 Warren features 13 luxury residences including townhouses, full-floor and half-floor residences that are anticipated to be LEED certified for their environmental sustainability features. The majority of residences offer private direct elevator entry and private exterior spaces. Residences on the upper floors offer views of the Hudson River to the west and the Brooklyn Bridge to the east. All residences feature windows up to 7’ tall allowing for abundant natural light and views of Tribeca. Amenities include a fitness center, 24-hour doorman / concierge and private storage for purchase.