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Light + Building

3-8 March 2024

Frankfurt, Germany
We are excited to join Light + Building 2024! As a leader in wireless connectivity across professional lighting and building automation, Nordic is bringing its latest technologies and solutions for this market. Come visit us in hall 8:0 at booth G50.
You can request a meeting by completing the form if you want us to contact you for a chat or schedule a meeting during Light + Building:

Thanks to Nordic’s market-leading multi-protocol SoCs and expertise in ultra-low power Wireless, we enable more energy-efficient buildings, better quality of indoor environments, faster installations of HVAC and lighting systems, lower cost maintenance, and more.

Visit us in hall 8:00 at booth G50 to learn more about our ultra-low power wireless connectivity solutions for professional lighting and building automation – now also including nRF54H &  nRF54L Series and Wi-Fi 6.

Here some of the latest solutions introduced by Nordic for this market that will be presented during this exhibition:
  • Presenting new nRF54L15 SoC: ideal platform for professional lighting and building automation
    • Enabling lower cost single-SKU for end devices (LED Drivers, switches, low power sensors etc)
    • Ideal for Matter, Bluetooth Mesh, KNX IoT, Thread and proprietary protocols
    • Embedding additional RISC V co-processor, optimized for implementing software-defined peripheral functions
    • Advanced security features – Designed for PSA Certified Level 3
  • Presenting new nRF54H20 SoC: ideal platform for professional lighting and building automation:
    • Advanced multi-core SoC ideal for more advanced end-device (including ML/AI) or edge applications
    • Embedding internal 2MB NVM and 1MB RAM low power memories. Additionally, memory can be expanded with a high-performance interface for external memory.
    • Easy to combine with Nordic nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6, nRF91xx (LTE-M, NB-IoT) or third party ETH controller to implement gateways/bridges (including Nordic software examples):
      • Bluetooth LE/Mesh to Cloud
      • Bluetooth LE/Mesh to Matter Bridge
      • nRF Thread Border Router
    • 2x Advances RISC V Co-Processors
    • Advanced security features – Designed for PSA Certified Level 3
  • Presenting the universal nRF Connect SDK supporting all SoC (including nRF54L15 and nRF54H20) and all Nordic wireless protocols (Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Mesh, Wi-Fi 6, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Thread, Matter, KNX IoT, NFC, etc.
    • Wireless connectivity samples – modular with many components ready to build quickly end applications, eg:
      • Matter 1.2
      • Bluetooth Mesh v1.1 with NLC profiles (qualified), with new Bluetooth Mesh DFU, with Nordic API for glitch/outage protection, with Nordic distance measurement, etc
      • KNX IoT
    • Networking / IP libraries
    • Nordic Qualified Bluetooth 5.4 stack (including new PAwR feature – ideal for one-to-many applications e.g.  decorative lighting, smart lock, displays, sensors, etc)
  • Third party solutions for fast time to market
    • Modules
    • Design & Solution partners
    • Plug and play embedded software (libraries, pre-compiled hex, etc )
    • Mobile & cloud tools
    • End to end solutions
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Stand 8.0 G50
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